What's New in Now Back in Stock V2?

What's New in Now Back in Stock V2?

You asked and we delivered! Our team of developers have been working hard over the past 6 months to implement your thoughts and suggestions to improve our market leading restock notification app.

Automatic Installation

For OS1 users our new theme-specific automatic installation method saves you time and effort. It detects your store's live theme and inserts the code snippet for you in seconds. If your theme isn't supported you can follow the manual installation instructions or get in touch with us at support@eastsideco.com and we'll install and configure it for you for free. If you've edited your theme we recommend you download Now Back in Stock on a duplicate first.

For OS2 users on themes compatible with App Blocks, you can now drag and drop the widget into your store. Follow the simple instructions on the ‘Help’ tab from your app interface. Clicking 'Preview in theme' allows you to drag and drop the Now Back in Stock widget exactly where you want it on your product page.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The intuitive Now Back in Stock dashboard shows four key statistics:

  • Conversion rate - the proportion of notifications sent over the previous month which resulted in a purchase.
  • Sales from conversions - the total value of sales made from converted notifications that were sent over the previous month.
  • Notifications sent - the total number of back in stock notifications sent over the previous month.
  • Click throughs - the total number of notifications sent over the previous month after which the recipient clicked the attached purchase link.

We have also greatly improved the filtering and searching functionality for product subscriptions from the dashboard, as well as the ability to export subscriptions and notification logs.

Improved Notification Behaviour Controls

Define exactly when and how notifications are sent with the newly expanded notification settings.

  • Specify a number of notifications to send per unit restocked of each item to prevent customers returning to another ‘sold out’ page.
  • Send notifications based on your conversion rate. For example if your conversion rate on notifications is 30% and you restock 30 units of a product, Now Back in Stock will notify 100 subscribers.
  • Clearly define the time between sending batches of notifications.
  • Prioritise certain notification channels. We recommend prioritising SMS as this typically has the highest conversion rate.

Add-ons and Automatic Refill

Previously merchants would have to cancel and restart their monthly subscription to gain more SMS tokens if they reached their monthly allowance. Now, merchants on plans that include SMS alerts (Starter, Pro, Enterprise) can purchase additional SMS tokens if they reach their allowance under the 'Billing' tab. These add-on tokens expire after 30 days and are over 50% cheaper than those offered on competing apps. The price per add-on token differs depending on what plan you are on. Pro plan and Enterprise plan users receive a 10% and 20% discount respectively relative to Starter plan users:

  1. Starter: $0.10
  2. Pro: $0.09
  3. Enterprise: $0.08

Merchants can also configure and enable automatic token refills under the Billing tab. When the total tokens available to you falls below your selected threshold, Now Back in Stock will automatically purchase more so you never run out.

New Pricing Plans

Our new pricing plans (see them here) are amongst the cheapest on the market! Merchants benefit from higher SMS allowances and a lower monthly price per SMS token. We're still unique in the market by offering UNLIMITED email notifications on all paid plans.

Pop-up Widget Option

You can now trigger a pop-up subscription form from a button on product pages or automatically instead of the in-line form! Enable this in Settings > Widget Settings and click Save at the bottom of the Settings page to confirm these changes.

Public JavaScript API for Custom Implementations

The Now Back in Stock app provides a JavaScript API which will allow merchants to customise the app widget to their specifications. See our help document ‘Public JS API Documentation’ for more information.

Multi-Language translation support with automatic detection of Shopify theme language

You can add new translations and edit existing ones under the ‘Translations’ tab. Now Back in Stock will automatically detect your Shopify theme language and apply the relevant translation to the widget.

Klaviyo Integration

You can now connect Now Back in Stock to your Klaviyo account under the Integrations tab.

Feedback and Feature Requests

We're extremely keen to hear your feedback on the new version and any feature requests you may have so please get in touch with us at support@eastsideco.com. If Now Back in Stock is providing value to you we'd be very grateful if you could leave a review on the app store page here.

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