Button Customisation

Button Customisation

To change the colour of the size chart button, please follow the instructions below.

- Add the code below at the end of your CSS file called style.css.liquid or theme.css.liquid.

[data-app="eastsideco_sizeGuides"] .button {

background: Your colour code;



<div data-app="eastsideco_sizeGuides"
    data-shop="{{ shop.permanent_domain }}"
    data-tags="{{ product.tags | join:',' | escape }}"
    data-product="{{ product.handle }}"
    data-metafields="{{ product.metafields.esc-size-matters.tag }}" data-popup="button"; data-trigger-text="YOUR TEXT";>


.esc-size-guide--cell, .esc-size-guide--heading {
text-align: center;

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