Why can't I see recordings after the checkout is click?

As the checkout is handled by Shopify and isn't technically part your store, Hindsight is unable to record any checkout sessions.

How do I uninstall Hindsight?

Simply go to your app page and click on the trash can icon for Hindsight.

How do I can do I cancel my subscription to Hindsight?

Simply uninstalled the app as described above. This will cancel your subscription.

Do you offer a free trial?

Due to Hindsight's use of third-party resources in which we incur our own costs, we do not currently offer a free trial.

What devices does Hindsight support?

Hindsight supports IE 8+, Firefox 3+, Chrome 3+, Safari 4+, Opera 9+, and many more. It is recommended that your browser is kept up to date to the latest version for the best service.

Hindsight is able to run on all desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and their mobile environments including: Android, Symbian, iPhone OS and Windows Mobile.

Does Mouseflow impact on the user's experience?

Hindsight will not have an affect on user's experience.

The first time a user is recorded Hindsight will download a JavaScript file of about 14 KB (zipped). A beacon of 2 KB is also sent from the user's browser to Hindsight every 5-10 seconds.

The Hindsight JavaScript file is loaded asynchronously from our third-parties CDN. The JavaScript file will be loaded without blocking the browser thread, as opposed to plain <script src="..."> references. The CDN is located all over the world, which will minimize load time. The beacon itself is only called after the HTML document is fully loaded. This means it is asynchronous so doesn't count in your total page load time.

Recording is unnoticeable for over 99% of the visitors. Some users on IE6 on slower machines might notice a difference in their speed of browsing.

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