Recording Settings

Enable recording

Recordings can be enabled or disabled by checking/unchecking 'Enable recording'. 

Recording Rate

Hindsight does not have to record every user that uses your website. Change the 'Recording Rate' to record only 'One in every' customer that visit your site.

Ignored IP Address

Hindsight can ignore recording from certain IP address. You can include wildcards using *, i.e. 50.50.* will match as well as

Separate values using commas.

Payment Plan

You can change your plan at anytime. Once you start a new plan your tokens will be refreshed for your new plan. This means any tokens you have before you switch plan with be removed.

Site settings


Please tell us about how your site is structured so we can heatmap it more accurately. Is it centred, flexible and stuck to both sides, right aligned or left aligned?


Add each domain your shop uses (i.e. You don't need to include www.* versions of each domain.
Separate values using commas.

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