Heatmaps List

Heatmaps Lists

Heatmaps show where customers have been interacting on each page. Heatmaps show a list of pages from your website. Clicking on a page in the list will take you to a heatmap for that page.


This is the total number of recorded views for this page. The heat map takes its data from these recorded views.


Each row in this page represents a heat map for a page on your store.

Visit Time

Visit Time is the average time customers spent on the page.


Engagement is the average time a customer spent interacting with the page (scrolling, clicking, typing).


Clicks is the average number of clicks customers made on the page.


Render is the average time the page took to show your page content (and any apps).

Above fold

Above Fold is the average percentage of the page shown to the user before needing to scroll.


Scroll is the average percentage of the page through which the user scrolls.

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