Will 'Now Back in Stock' support variants for my theme?

By default, Now Back in Stock is designed to let customers know when specific variants are back in stock.

For Now Back in Stock to act on individual variants, you must be using a theme that provides variant IDs to the app. Most themes do this and will work with Now Back in Stock on an individual-variant basis.

To see if your theme provides variant IDs, open a product that has variants (on the front-end) and look at the web address.

It may look something like this:

To see if your theme can work with variants and Now Back in Stock, you will need to go to a product which uses variants.  https://examplestore.myshopify.com/products/example-product?variant=28379781703

If so, then your theme provides variant IDs to the app and your store is compatible with Now Back in Stock for individual variants. Please check that the Now Back in Stock code is correctly inserted and contact  support@eastsideco.com if you are still having problems.

However the URL may look like this:


This means that your theme does not provide the variant ID, so the Now Back in Stock form will only appear when all variants are out of stock. The customer will get an alert as soon as any of the variants come back in stock.

In this case, you should remove the original Now Back in Stock code and insert the following code inside the Add To Cart form:
<script type="text/json"
    data-product-id="{{ product.id }}"
    data-product-available="{{ product.available }}">
    {{ product.variants | json }}

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