Customization and Translation


Shop Title

This is the name of the shop that will appear in the email alert.

Theme color (for widget buttons)

This is the color of the Now Back in Stock popup buttons. A hex code can be manually entered, or if you click on the pen icon, you will be taken to a color picker.

Default SMS Dropdown Country 1 and 2

These are the first two countries that appear in the SMS dropdown by default. If none are selected, they will automatically be set to US and UK.

Email alert subject

This is the subject line that will appear when the email is sent to customers. Placeholders {{product_title}} and {{shop_name}}. These fields will automatically be populated with the product title, and the shop name saved above.

Email alert logo/image

Click on 'Choose an image' so that your shop image/logo appears in the email to customers. The preview on the right shows how the email will appear to the customer.

Email alert content

This is the content of the email sent to customers. You can use the placeholders {{shop_name}} and {{product_title}} to show the shop name and product title in the email. You can also use {{product_link}}. This will insert a button for the customer to click on which takes them to the product itself.

SMS Content

This is the content of the text message sent to customers. The maximum character length for is 160 for an SMS. The placeholders {{product_title}}, {{shop_name}} and {{product_link}} can be used.


The translations page is used to change all the content of the Now Back in Stock popup. The default text is as placeholder text in the input fields. If a field is left blank, the app will use the default text instead.

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