'Now Back In Stock' FAQs

Now Back in Stock FAQs

Can I get support from you directly?

Yes. Just click here or email us at support@eastsideco.com and our team of app developers will help you with any technical queries, from installation and set up through to customising the app to match your theme, and troubleshooting any issues.

We’re based in the UK, so please bear this in mind when contacting support.

How much does Now Back in Stock cost?

We offer a FREE 14 day trial on any paid plan. Each plan gives you an email and SMS allowance that renews on a monthly basis.

  1. Free plan (50 emails)
  2. Email only (unlimited emails): $10 per month 
  3. Starter (unlimited emails and 200 SMS alerts): $20 per month
  4. Pro (unlimited emails and 500 SMS alerts): $45 per month
  5. Enterprise (unlimited emails and 2500 SMS alerts): $200 per month
  6. Need more volume? No problem. Email us at support@eastsideco.com for a personalised quote

Merchants on plans that include an SMS alert allowance (Starter, Pro, Enterprise) can also purchase additional SMS tokens if they reach their allowance (see ‘how do add-ons and automatic refills work?’).

How do I change my plan?

Go to Settings > Billing. You’ll be able to see the plan you’re currently on and can upgrade or downgrade to any of the other plans.

How do I uninstall the app if I decide I don’t want it in the future?

Simply go to your Apps screen in your Shopify store and delete the app.

What triggers notification emails to customers?

Now Back in Stock uses Shopify's inventory tracking to determine whether a product is out of stock. By default Now Back in Stock will trigger all queued up notifications once your inventory level is set to show products are available. However, you can change this to send notifications in batches based on various criteria under Settings > Notification Settings.

How do I test if the app is sending notifications correctly?

It’s really easy to make sure the app is working properly:

  1. Navigate to a product on your store that is currently out of stock
  2. Enter your email address or phone number in the NBIS form
  3. Restock the product
  4. You should receive a Now Back in Stock alert within 10 minutes

If you need any help with testing the app, contact our app development team at support@eastsideco.com

How do ‘tokens’ on my plan work?

Tokens are used for SMS notifications. One SMS may consume multiple tokens depending on the geographic location of the recipient. For reference, SMS alerts sent to the UK, USA and Australia use one token each. If you run out of tokens we will let you know via email and you can purchase more using our add-on or automatic refill features (see ‘how do add-ons and automatic refills work?’). 

How do add-ons and automatic refills work?

Merchants on plans that include SMS alerts (Starter, Pro, Enterprise) can purchase additional SMS tokens if they reach their allowance under the Billing tab. These add-on tokens expire after 30 days. The price per add-on token differs depending on what plan you are on:

  1. Starter: $0.10
  2. Pro: $0.09
  3. Enterprise: $0.08

Merchants can also configure and enable automatic token refills under the Billing tab. When the total tokens available to you falls below your selected threshold, Now Back in Stock will automatically purchase more so you never run out.

I have customised the styling of the app but it is still showing the default copy and colour scheme.

Clearing your cache should resolve this and show your newly styled version. If this still doesn’t work, click here to contact our app development team.

I have lots of products, but need to list some as permanently out of stock, as we don't want to sell them online. Can I exclude certain products?

The app can be configured to do this with a variation to the code - simply contact our support team and we will be happy to help!

How long does it take if I request installation support?

We aim to set up your app within 2 working hours. Please bear in mind our support team is based in the UK so if you’re overseas remember the time differences - even our dedicated support staff need to sleep occasionally!

Is there a way to edit the language?

If you click on Settings > Translate, you can tailor the messaging to your audience.

How do I see or download the list of email addresses/phone numbers for each item?

Under the Dashboard tab there is a product summary showing the total notification requests for each product. Directly above this you can navigate to ‘View Subscriptions’. Here you can see and export the lists of email, SMS and push notification subscriptions to a CSV file.

Under the Notification Logs tab you can see the total list of alerts sent by email, SMS or push notification along with the product in question and date/time sent. These can be filtered by date and exported to a CSV file by clicking on the relevant buttons.

What integrations does Now in Back Stock work with?

Currently Now Back in Stock integrates with Klaviyo, MailChimp, Dotmailer and PushOwl. We will be adding more integrations over the next few months.

How do I link the app with the integrations?

Under the Integrations tab you’ll see the available integrations listed. Click on the ‘connect’ button next to the one you’re after and follow the instructions.

If you get stuck, or something doesn’t look right, get in touch with our support team.

Does the app work with product variants?

Yes, Now Back In Stock lets customers choose alerts for specific variant combinations, including size, colour or style.

Can I change the messaging and look of the app and messages?

Now Back In Stock can be customised to match the look and feel of your site to fully integrate with your store. Not only this, but the content of your alerts is also fully customisable under Settings > Email layout and template settings and Settings > SMS settings.

How do I ensure NBIS is applied to a product correctly?

In order to enable a product to use Now Back in Stock, please ensure the product's 'Inventory policy' is set to 'Shopify tracks this product's inventory' and 'Allow customers to purchase this product’ when ‘It's out of stock' is unchecked.

Where can I find and download other Eastside Co apps?

Our full suite of apps can be found here

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