Getting Started with Easy Redirects

Creating a redirects CSV file

Each line should be written in one the following format: "/old-url","/new-url" /old-url,/new-url

This is an example:


  • The file must is saved as a Text CSV (.csv). Field delimiter: ,. Text delimiter: ".
  • There must be no headers. Start URLs from the first line.

Importing a CSV file


In the Easy Redirect's app area, click Upload.


Locate and open the CSV file to be imported.


The import will now begin. The status of the import can be found in the Status column. Refreshing the page will update this status.


After the import has Completed, the Imported and Ignored CSV files will become available for download. The Imported CSV contains a list of all the successfully imported URLs. The Ignored CSV file contains a list of URLs that Shopify ignored. A URL can be ignored if it is invalid or already exists.


If there were any ignored URLs, check and modify each of the URLs and re-import.

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