Getting Started with Cart Convert

Adding the snippet

From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, and then click Themes. Open Edit HTML/CSS on the theme you would like to add Cart Convert.
In the Templates folder, locate and open the cart.liquid file.
  • If your cart.liquid contains {% section 'cart-template' %}, open cart-template.liquid from the Sections folder instead.
Identify where you would like to show your cart offers list (Usually, this will be below the cart which can be found towards the end of the file).
Insert the following snippet in the preferred place.
    data-shop="{{ shop.permanent_domain }}"
    data-money-format="{{ shop.money_format }}">
    <script id="cartData" type="application/json">{{ cart.items | json }}
Click Save.

If you are not confident with editing your theme's HTML, we can provide installation support.
Read more here.

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